Welcome to Chemical Dilutions official website. We lead the industry in cleaning bank stained notes from pink to black dyed currency. Our main line of products and services serve the financial industry as a whole, where our main clients are banks and humanitarian organisation individual companys and parties are welcome too. we are one of Southern Africa's leading SSD Automatic Solution, Vectrol Paste, TTZ Universal Solution, Zuta S4, Castrox Oxide HQ45, SSD Solution PK 58 distributor and manufacturer.


SSD solution for stains notes, black dollar SSD solution all currency
This is the must use solution on the market for black dollar cleaning, stains bank notes, defaced currency, we also offer you SSD SUPREME which we are the sole provider.
These are three different kinds of powder that have each different effect on the note.

For usage contact our lab we will advise you on the role of each of them and the efficacy.

ssd chemical solution and activation powder for cleaning black Dollars, euros,

pounds and any other currency from any security color to it's original state.


is an anti-breeze bank notes chemical designed to remove excess coated substance,
SSD universal solution work better when combine with activation powder SSD solution .

We supply Germany made embalming powder in small quantities from 1 kg at affordable prices. We have white and pink 100% hot and 98% pink in stock.
Embalming compound in powder form both PINK and WHITE highly Radioactive and non (HOT and non-HOT) it’s all available. We are looking for potential buyers. we sell in kilograms starting from 1kg up wards.


Embalming is the art and science of preserving human remains
by treating them in its modern form with high modern and scientifically generated chemicals  to forestall decomposition for future use and other purposes.

Hager Werken Embalming
Powder(Hot Pink)

Origin: Germany

Concentration: 98%
(also contains 0.07 Uranium)

* Weight: one kilogram
Hager Werken Embalming Powder(White)

Origin: Germany

Concentration: 100%
(also contains Ephedrine BP)

* Weight: One Kilogram

Weight: One Kilogram

Ephedrine Bp

Origin: India

Weight: On Request